Teaching the teachers

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One day a week, during my stay in Gushegu, I would visit the school in a neighbouring village. In the beginning it was mostly a matter of looking round, talking with the teachers and playing a game with the children. Slowly a pattern started to develop.

I started interacting with the teachers about the purpose of education. Who are children and why is it important that children go to school? I sat in on a number of classes to observe how the teachers teach and then discussed it with them afterwards with questions and advice.

Then together with some of my colleagues from Project Share, I was involved in some sample lessons: sports for groups and individual games, education on health issues, a music class and English lessons.

At the end of my stay the teachers arranged for a meeting in the village, where I was able to explain to the parents how the school works and why it is so important for their children to go to school. We worked together looking for solutions to a number of their problems, and together raised money for new cupboards and benches.

A beautiful year and a fantastic way to be involved in education! [Chentiwuni]