School renovation – part 2

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In July 2006 three French Swiss came to experience life here. Together with them we were able to work on the primary school in Yagingu/Kpigi, just outside Gushegu, attended by more than 200 children. One of the two buildings had never been painted, so we arranged for materials and many hands made the work easy as the whole community joined in. While we were painting, we realised that there was more work needed. The district assembly had built a third block, but the nursery class still met under a tree, because the first block was in such bad shape. Together with some visitors around Christmas we took on this project.This time is was quite a lot more work: 2 ½ weeks full time! After some problems starting up, the community got the point that this was their project and that we were only there to stimulate and help. So they got going and were able to repair one outside wall, renew the windows, plaster all the walls (both in and out), repaint this first block and renew the floors and verandas in both blocks. And the result? A brand-new school, a content community and one happy village chief!